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Water Bridge

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this three-storey house features two pavilions intersecting at a perpendicular junction. The dominant pavilion houses most of the public spaces on the upper floors and the bedrooms below. The secondary pavilion, houses the outdoor social spaces on either side, providing a variety for climatic experiences.

Designed as a series of spaces, the concept unravels a sequence of special moments and different experiences as the users enter, move through and live in their home.

A neutral palette of sand, pistachio, coffee, shales, dominates the interior furnishings with accents in colour drawn from the natural environment and setting of the house. Mineral-toned colour accents such as golds, emeralds, jade, deep rubies, sapphire, and umber incorporated – typical of the rich earth of Brazil (indigenous wildlife and vegetation, headpieces, body paint, etc). Indigenous, rich and exotic timbers emphasise the soul of the home.

Raw finishes are contrasted against more reflective surfaces for transparency. Combinations of immaculate, brushed, beaten, tarnished and oxidised metals. Gleaming, earth and jewel-toned stones with lively veining that complement the architectural palettes for surface treatment.

Material application used to enhance the blur between indoor/outdoor living. Humility and honesty of materials – the use of true materials, simple understated and practical. Space for imperfect, weathered and character-filled materials for authenticity.