Using VR to enhance interior design

Ensuring that a client is completely on board with the design vision – prior to any construction – is an integral stage of project realisation. The use of Virtual Reality allows clients to become wholly immersed in a true 3-dimensional representation of their house, helping them to achieve a far better sense of scale, space and depth of how particular design components will look and function.  VR allows for faster communication and understanding of a design and lets multiple users experience a design together, enabling them to communicate and resolve the design direction together.

“VR is the perfect tool for client engagement, enabling them to interact with their home in all aspects, creating a truly individual experience,” says Jon Case, ARRCC Director. ARRCC’s VR experiences are run in Lux Walker – an automated VR walkthrough tool developed by Tenebris Lab for architects and interior designers.

ARRCC is working closely with Tenebris Lab to bring their designs to life through VR. The tool allows one to experience the design at various scales and times of the year. Walkthroughs are held in Tenebris Lab’s green room, where client meetings are monitored by a VR specialist to ensure that any changes required by the client to their home can be made almost immediately. Changing finishes, colour schemes and furniture on the spot helps prospective buyers to visualise their perfect setting for their dream home.

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ARRCC clients view their house for the first time in virtual reality.

The living room of our GE13 project, seen in virtual reality.

Virtual reality allows our clients to view their house in its entirety and how it fits in with the environment around it.

A 3D Render of the living room of our GE13 project.

A 3D Render of the living room of our GE13 project.


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