We recently transformed this ground floor, three-story apartment, situated on the water’s edge in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, into a modern holiday escape that perfectly balances luxury and comfort.

Striving to deliver on the brief of a relaxed, contemporary interior, the design was inspired by sophisticated yacht interiors and tailored to make best use of the abundance of natural light in the apartment. We created elements that accentuate the triple volume and create a feeling of openness, not unlike the vast views over the bay.

Glass elements played a pivotal role in achieving this feeling of openness and space.

Once you set foot in the entrance hall on the third level, where the triple volume becomes visible through a glass bridge placed alongside the open brushed stainless steel and timber staircase. Even more than just connecting the two wings of the apartment, this forms the focal point and sets the tone for the design inspiration that is visible throughout. The glass bridge is supported by a metal framework and was designed to extend the entrance level entertainment area into the double volume area below, counteracting the existing low ceiling heights by drawing your eye to the lower levels as soon as you enter the apartment. This created a gallery like feel to the entire space, perfect for exhibiting artwork.

Above, a bespoke light fitting of aqua coloured glass panes that seem to float beneath the limed oak timber ceiling, mimic the rippling water surfaces of the bay. The sheets of blue green rippling glass enhance the concept for the apartment’s luxury yacht like interior. We worked closely with glass artist David Reade who was responsible for the manufacturing and installation of this bespoke ARRCC focal element. The challenge here was to play with the levels and overlapping of the individual panels in order to deal with the low ceiling and allow one to be able to walk underneath the panels over sailing the glass floor.

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