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Nett199 Pentagon

Cape Town, South Africa

This building provides a volumetrically dramatic and dynamic interior space on a grand scale. The objective of the interior décor was to create a softer and intimate counterpoint whilst not jeopardizing the clean, geometric lines of the architecture. These elements harmoniously co-exist and work off each other.

By utilising a broad base of textures and finishes, the décor feels natural and subtly organic, comfort being of paramount importance at all times; the overall ambiance is one of calm and serenity. Colour is kept to a bare minimum, the interior works predominantly with a light and shade tonal range, allowing the exterior views, the mountain, the ocean and sky and also the artwork to bring in colour.

The furniture and lighting is predominantly a combination of select designs from the OKHA product range in conjunction with bespoke pieces that were designed specifically for the project. OKHA products are manufactured locally in South Africa and utilize only skilled local artisans and where-ever possible locally sourced materials.

The canvas like slabs of pure white wall that mould and delineate the interior spaces also provide a consistent gallery feel throughout, as such art and sculpture played a pivotal role in personalizing the interior and acted as an inspirational interactive catalyst.

Architecture by SAOTA.