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Clifton Villa

Cape Town, South Africa

A family home overlooking the famous white beaches of Clifton in Cape Town, South Africa.

The interiors are at once relaxed and restrained, whilst simultaneously exuding sophistication and luxury. An entertainer’s haven of ultimate opulence.

Drawing inspiration and material cues from the inimitable surroundings, the understated yet emotive interior combines characteristics of rock, sand, and water an interplay of nature emotion evoked in movement tension.

Contrasting natural raw stone, textured marbles and warm timbers work together to create a sense of calm and neutral sophistication, whilst darker hues of timbers and metal elements create subtle contrast and depth. A balance exists between strong linear shapes irregular contours, layered textures the soft-hard planes strengthening dramatizing the structural form.

The juxtaposition of natural, earthy materials and the sculptural shapes and textures of the interior create sensorial interest accentuated by the contrasts between the hard and soft, lustrous, and textured, rough, and smooth, calm and energetic.

Plush fabrics and fluid shapes accentuate the surrounding natural elements while an intuitive interplay of colourful ‘high points’ and restrained muted colour tones creates a distinctive and memorable interior.