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Beachside Bungalow

Cape Town, South Africa

Clifton Bungalow is located along the Atlantic coast in Cape Town, South Africa and boast spectacular views towards the famous Clifton 4th beach, Lion’s Head, Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles. The client’s brief was to design an architectural retreat that has an immediate relationship to the climate and coastal lifestyle of Cape Town.

Habitable spaces have been created by using the existing building envelope to ensure that it complies to the guidelines for work in the Bungalow’s heritage areas. The design is comprised of three levels which are nestled into the restricted terrain, resulting in a unique and minimalist open plan design. The architecture is intended to be a contemporary response to the traditional bungalow typology; combining coastal lifestyle; utility; the pleasure of well-crafted natural materials; and a directness of experience of its natural surroundings.