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Barcelona Apartment

Barcelona, Spain

The inspiration for this apartment draws from the culturally-vibrant Barcelona life and high-end fashion. The eclectic palette of rich, quality materials adds integrity and authenticity to the space. Raw wood is mixed with metals, suedes and high-gloss surfaces to create a sensory experience.

Each room in this Barcelona apartment has its own character where majority of rooms boast rich textures and polished raw materials. With stained oak woods, bespoke vertical brass screens, modern cladding and lacquered panelling, this is a homogeneous apartment.

It is a space which poses a minimalistic and modern ambience with masculine and feminine finishes throughout. Furnishing is an eclectic mix of carefully curated pieces combined with personal artworks from the owners’ collection.

The feature timber ceiling which runs down the rear of the dining table allowed ARRCC to highlight one of the client’s important artworks which anchored the space and created a focal point in the length of the open-plan living room.

In the main bedroom, faceted marble ledges live alongside feminine geometric wall lights. The space has decor trimmings of distressed leathers and plush suedes and soft cream window drapes.

In the kitchen, the streamlined elements of textured wood and charcoal stone are in keeping with the apartment style. In the circulation spaces that surround, dark wood wraps onto the walls contrasted with Venetian plastering on the opposite walls.

Further bespoke features include the contemporary take on an African fire element on a faceted ledge in the TV lounge, the playful carbon fibre organic dining table, OKHA vases by renowned glass blower David Reade, and the jewel-like chain lights which add a feminine touch.