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Unveiling the Largest Residential Chandelier: ARRCC, SAOTA & Martin Doller


The world’s largest residential chandelier, collaboratively designed and crafted by Martin Doller, ARRCC, and SAOTA for a family home in Lagos, Nigeria, was immersively unveiled on the 3rd of November.

Its remarkable dimensions and intricate design aim to challenge the traditional perceptions and possibilities of interior design, with an astonishing length of 13.4 meters and a towering height of 5.9 meters.

Stemma, the name given to the chandelier to represent its symbolism to a family tree, mimics a sun-dappled forest with cascading lights that aim to resemble sunlight through branches, which ultimately creates a soft natural glow, blurring the lines between the outdoors.

Together, the boundaries of design were pushed, resulting in a remarkable 2000kg creation that is suspended from a 9-meter-high glass and steel skylight, ensuring the chandelier always remains the center of attention.

The material used for this piece was aluminum sheet and tubing, meticulously treated with powder-coated and patina’d finishes. When illuminated, the play of light against the patina finishes creates a dazzling display of light and shadow.

Its presence in a residential setting further blurs the lines between art and architecture, showcasing the potential of interior design in creating an enchanting and immersive experience.