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The #GiveHerACrown x Jaguar Campaign reveals artwork at Joburg Event

The Give Her A Crown x Jaguar Event took place this past week at The Melrose Gallery in Johannesburg. #GiveHerACrown is a remarkable campaign dedicated to using storytelling and the arts as powerful tools in the fight against gender inequality and to promote female empowerment. This year, ARRCC director, Michele Rhoda was chosen by Jaguar to mentor the 6 artists and curate the 2023 Crown Collection through ensuring a cohesive collection that embodies a luxurious and timeless feel.

The Elegance of Kloof House:
Kloof House, a SAOTA and ARRCC project renowned for its architectural marvel and aesthetic finesse, served as the wellspring of inspiration for this year’s Crown Collection.
Kloof House’s neutral tones with accent colors, which is reflected in the greys, blacks, whites, and beiges that dominate the collection’s palette serves as a canvas for stories that embrace the feminine narrative.
The artist’s brief was to ensure that their pieces were designed with the ability to be placed at Kloof House, particularly in the entrance hall space. In addition, the 6 carefully selected artists had to ensure that their piece elevated creativity, evoked mystery and was inspired conceptually by female empowerment.

Crafting Stories Through Art:
Guided by the essence of Kloof House, Michele Rhoda’s curation and mentorship lent a unique touch to the Crown Collection. The artworks, designed to be emotionally compelling and passionately perfect, bring to life the stories of women who have overcome obstacles, and risen above adversity. Each piece is a testament to this year’s concept of celebrating the exquisite uniqueness of women through the arts and storytelling. “As a creative studio that aims to inspire and cultivate creativity, we jumped at the opportunity to be involved in this year’s campaign” says Michele, ARRCC director.

Education as Empowerment:
The Give Her A Crown x Jaguar Event was a momentous celebration that unveiled the Crown Collection to the world. Attendees were treated not only to a display of artistic prowess but also to an atmosphere charged with the spirit of unity and upliftment. At the core of the Crown Collection’s mission is The Crown Bursary Fund, the proceeds from each Crown Collection Art piece contributes to creating educational opportunities for current and future female artists, for which they are currently on sale.

The 2023 #GiveHerACrown Collection, shaped by the elegance of Kloof House, was a visual testament to the unique beauty of each individual and the strength that emerges from embracing one’s differences.

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Kloof House

Give Her A Crown Reveal Event Speech

Kloof House

Melrose Gallery