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ARRCC’s Cheetah Plains wins Best Game Lodge 2019


Cheetah Plains, Luxury Game Lodge designed by ARRCC in the Sabi Sand South Africa, has been awarded Best Game Lodge 2019 at HOSCO South Africa’s Luxury Tourism Awards.

“A recognition that is truly deserving for a uniquely crafted project that showcases the diverse talents of many of South Africa’s artisans and craftsmen.  This coupled with the excellent level of hospitality offered by the Cheetah Plains team makes this an award deserving of everyone involved in this project, “says ARRCC Director Mark Rielly.
The project pursues a different offering for the market by avoiding the typical typology of creating a central communal space surrounded by bedroom suites, the accommodation is split into three separate, private components referred to as the Plains Houses.

The Plains Houses are made up of clusters of free-standing buildings carefully arranged to accommodate existing natural features such as trees, typography and views – thereby minimising intrusion into the landscape. Over time, nature will further soften and absorb the sculptural masses into their environment.

“We are so proud of the entire Cheetah Plains team, it’s now clear that the uncharted territory, that was the brief of this project has become new the new bar at which all game lodges will be measure,” says ARRCC Director Jon Case.

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