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ARRCC unveils worldly kitchen design in collaboration with Valcucine at Milan Design Week 2024


As part of Milan Design Week 2024, luxury kitchen brand Valcucine invited three renowned international architecture and interior design studios; ARRCC, i29 and Neri&Hu to participate in their exhibition titled Architectural Scenarios.

The exhibition, which ran from April 15th to April 21st, 2024, in Valcucine’s flagship store, showcased the visionary kitchens crafted by Valcucine designer, Gabriele Centazzo, alongside the distinctive design interpretations from ARRCC.

For their design interpretation, ARRCC aimed to curate practical kitchen scenarios that display exceptional craftsmanship but also consider everyday living functionality. By utilizing Valcucine’s versatile luxury finishes from the Artematica Soft Outline and Forma Mentis capsule collection, ARRCC’s design showcases luxurious kitchen environments that complement our distinctive interiors.

Harmoniously, Valcucine’s attention to detail compliments ARRCC’s approach to contemporary living, embodying a commitment to inviting, extraordinary spaces. Working synonymously with the overall design, OKHA Design Studio also introduced select furniture pieces, that created a blended seating area in the kitchen – a space that exuded both relaxation and sophistication. The aesthetic story that these furniture pieces tell reflect OKHA’s signature blend of pragmatism and poetic design codes.

This exhibition reflected the dynamic relationship between design and architecture, allowing visitors to be inspired and engaged through a new way of experiencing retail space.