ARRCC use LUX Walker VR to realise Kerzner Estate design


LUX Walker’s Virtual reality assists ARRCC to deliver a design exceeding client expectations

The ARRCC team of designers, under the guidance of Stefan Antoni, was one of six architectural firms invited to design the homes for the new Kerzner Estate, which is set to be one of the most exclusive residential estates in the country. The 10ha estate is located high on the slopes of Leeukoppie in Cape Town, with views towards Chapman’s Peak, the bay, valley and mountains. The development is the brainchild of Sol Kerzner, one of South Africa’s most successful businessmen, known for building luxury hotels and resorts around the world.

Using LUX Walker  (a virtual reality application designed by Tenebris Lab) to present the designs to Kerzner and his team, ARRCC was able to give the developers a true spatial understanding of our design, from the preliminary Revit model straight through to the final finishes. It also enabled us to get a true sense of the space we were designing and a greater understanding of the components that worked well together.

“LUX Walker is very responsive programme and it enabled us to make multiple changes instantly, allowing for quick design and review. By presenting an interactive visualization to the client, the design is instantly translated on a very natural, personal level. We believe that this is what sets ARRCC’s design for this development apart,” says Jon Case, ARRCC director.

Virtual reality is also an important tool to check the accuracy of the design. Reviewing our design in VR enabled us to pick up design issues such as levels, ceiling details and lighting challenges, which we could then address. This resulted in designing a luxurious residential villa with greater efficiency and insight, within in the parameters of the estates guidelines, and one that adhered to and exceeded the client’s expectations.

The luxury houses each feature unique designs with natural building materials such as wood and stone, tailored to suit each individual site.

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