ARRCC is an interior design studio that believes in the spirited crafting of unique interiors that captivate and move. Working closely with our clients, we distill and transform their briefs to exceed original expectations. We believe in life-enhancing spaces that reflect both client and location, and through our refined approach to design, have developed a style focused on detail and substance.

Our core design philosophy = detailed minimalism using raw, organic material with shape and form, layered with luxury.

We deliver a personalised, one-on-one service to our clients.

We have a flexible design philosophy that can cater to every client’s needs – although our core design philosophy underwrites each project.

We create life-enhancing spaces – not just cosmetic beauty.

We constantly innovate and create unique elements through custom designed pieces.

We have a strong architectural influence in our design work.

We add experience to architecture.

We prefer using unusual materials – or usual materials used in unusual ways.